Lost Season 3 Update: No more Repeats!

Tune into “Lost” on Wednesday nights only to find another repeat? ABC is eliminating that experience next season reports The Houston Chronicle

Utilising a mold recently seen on shows like “Alias”, “24” and “Battlestar Galactica”, the network confirmed yesterday that rather than repeats slotted in every other week, the show will go on hiatus for a few weeks over the Xmas/New Year break with new Groundhog Day-esque Taye Diggs drama “Day Break” in its slot instead. Then it’ll begin again a few weeks into the new year and run uninterrupted right through til the end of season in May.

More specifically: “The plan is that “Lost” will come on in the Fall in the first or second week of the season, run for seven episodes and then “Day Break” will launch into that period and “Los”t will come back in January or early February and run straight through for the remainder for the season”.

He also confirmed there’s no new regular cast members joining next year, though everyone who survives the coming season finale will be back.

52 thoughts on “Lost Season 3 Update: No more Repeats!”

  1. omg, i cant believe the season finale!! if anything happens to Jack or Kate or especially Sawyer!!!

  2. omg im only 13 and i think sawyer is so HOT..he is so fit and i dont want anything to happen to him 🙁 …i think jack is dishy aswell !!

  3. ouai moi aussi je l’adore il est trop beau avec son corps de gay

    je suis tte mouille qd je le voiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie

  4. Ouais j adore sawyer mais mon prfr reste tjs l’ours polaire de la saison 1 episode 2. Une prestation a faire rougir de jalousie le hobbit et le chien de 30 millions d amis.

    Vive les animaux perdus

    PS: une bombe electro magnetique ca fais pas du tout comme ca. Elle est vraimment chelou cette ile!

    J ai 7 ans, j adore les tts de hugo

  5. Bravo au 2 commentaires stupides de nos connard de francophones…Allez donc jouer dehors au lieu de vous trouvez hot derrire un cran d’ordi…Bande de minable…

    I hope Desmond is still alive!!!

  6. Why are you people writing in so that not everybody can read them? Nothing will happen to Sawyer he’s a main character and he’s a keeper!

  7. So, do I understand this correctly… ABC put repeated episodes on in the middle of a series, in the time slot that the new episodes would normally go out. And, it is newsworthy when the don’t do this. And, you Americans put up with this, like it is a normal, good, thing to do ???

    What is the matter with you people ?

  8. Ouuhh! Thats-sha Keeper !
    Yesh yesh ! Salty Salty !

    Well I dun rlly see a problem for the episodes comming whenever re-run or not.. Its called a TORRENT… there’s nuthing like it!

    Btw! everyone in the world right now could see it all… no matters where you live… The hole 2 seasons, actually the same day or so they come out!



  9. Je voulais juste prciser que tous les francophones fans de Lost ne sont pas des idiots! 😉

  10. I love Lost i don’t now what i am going to do until the 3 season apears!!! I love sawyer!! is incredible!! I dont want him to die!

  11. whats the matter?! jack kate and sawyer are maincharacters, nothing will happen to them!!!

  12. omg this episode is crazy but i really think that season3 we’re gonna get some damn answers i hope desmond stay as a regular and i luv sawyer if anything happens to him i’ll stop watching lost..well i won’t but kate and jake whats gonna happen i cant wait for season 3 to come out

  13. dude…. how can you say that they wont kill off jack or kate cause there a main character….. they killed off boon…. (wich sucked) and his sister…. they were main characters too

  14. Just finished watching season 2! it was so good!
    Can’t wait until season 3. God i love Sawyer so much!

    i heard something, if you don’t wanna know what MIGHT happen in season 3 please please please don’t read on.

    I read on a web site that Sawyer ends up killinh Jack?!?! i can’t see it myself but i hope its true!

  15. well i know what you’re saying and i’m sure you’re right but it said he kills Jack and then sleeps with Kate. They haven’t even filmed it yet so like i said i’m sure its not true but i hope it is. Jack is boring!

  16. no one knows whats gonna happen, thats why its so good, there was a load of stupid things said about what people thought was gonna hapen in season 2 but none of it happened, i cant see sawyer killing jack (who he recently called a friend) just to sleep with kate, this isnt some sort of porno. i think sawyer has had is oe sex scene and pretty sure he wont get to do kate, and if he does…..well hes a pretty lucky guy….i mean kate….*dribble*

  17. I think that Jack and Kate will be at the end the last survivors on the final season and yes Kate will kills Sawyer soon!! 😉

  18. I just finished watching Lost Season 2 its Amazing, i liked every bit of it. Can’t wait for Season 3 hope it’s good as all the other seasons.

  19. None of them are going to die. Boone died, but he wasn’t a "main" character like Jack, Sawyer, and Kate. If they kill anyone it’s going to be some supporting cast member. Also, a comment that was made earlier by someone saying, "So, do I understand this correctly… ABC put repeated episodes on in the middle of a series, in the time slot that the new episodes would normally go out. And, it is newsworthy when the don’t do this. And, you Americans put up with this, like it is a normal, good, thing to do ???

    What is the matter with you people ?"

    It’s not like we have a choice whether or not ABC decides to put on reruns in the middle of the season. It is good news to hear that its going to stop and it’s worth reporting. I’m truly sick of people trying… really trying to find reasons to bad mouth Americans. A thread having NOTHING to do with americans, oddly seems to bring up a subject to bad mouth. Sorry but I find it retarded and sick of it. Have a good day

  20. just to let you all know incase yous didnt already…the only reason shannon was killed off was so she could go and work on the x-men 3 movie. pure n simple, it was her who asked.

  21. The real spoiler?…

    I have read in three different articles that people are spreading rumors at the request of the network. The one comment that I’ve heard that was not listed as "rumor" though was that Rousseau’s daughter and Jack’s father’s love child are involved with the Dharma project.

  22. I think Tom Hanks is gonna float up on a raft and find Wilson on the island and get so mad because he thinks they had some conspiracy going against him and try to kill everyone.

    Then we’ll find out that the magnetic force within the island has created another "pole" and also another "bermuda triangle" effect, and that’s why the plane got pulled in there and also why no one can receive their signal.

    Sun is going to have the baby and Hurley is going to take one look at it and think it’s his long lost imaginary friend and eat it.

    Syed secretly longs for Anna Lucia, but she died. He never attempted to be with her while she was alive, but now…

    The others are really an angry group of ex-Disney employees who got sick of rules like staying clean-shaven, being polite, not kidnapping children, etc. They spend most of their time plotting to kill Walt Disney-they don’t know he’s already gone 🙁 .

    Jack is going to turn out to have sabotaged the plane into crashing. He wanted to be a "survivalist leader" and figured it would be fun. His accomplis was the dog.

    What the DHARMA name really means…
    It’s an acronym for
    The only people that will be alive at the end of the show’s last season. Some dead will end up being not really dead.~~oooooooo~~~

  23. You Americans are just so lucky!!!You will see Lost Season 3 FIRST……I am soooooo jealous.
    My son got me into Lost when I was off work sick for a few weeks and I ended up ADDICTED…..I pray to God that you are wrong, wrong, wrong about Sawyer killing Jack. I love them both. Sawyer is just so rugged while Jack’s good side is really appealing. And how gut wrenching was it when Michael killed Ana and Libby? Congratulations on a great series, very well written and extremely well acted. xx

  24. Heyyy! Anybody having any idea what the freaking s*** happend at the end of the season 2?? I can only say NO CLUE! Looking forward to season3 SO MUCH. I so totally agree with this one person who said you americans are so previledged people, in my home country Finland the season 2 just started, can you belive that! Oh, thanks for the holy&mighty Internet. And still one thing ; Sawyer is so freaking hot I just fall of my seat everytime he appears on the screen… I wish he would kill Jack, the dull bastard, and sleep with Kate! ;D

  25. I think they are actually in New Zealand, and that big foot is a leftover prop. Peter Jackson is in charge of the island and keeps stealing kids to play hobbits.
    Call it a hunch but I’m guessing the finale is going to involve some kind of showdown between the goonies, and buddha.
    I LOVE this show!!!

  26. I think Lost is cool and i can’t wait until the 3rd season comes out! I think Jack and Christopher are so COOL!

  27. Hi,I’m really impatient to watch the new season!but i don’t think that all these things about dying and killing are true!!!it can’t be true!!!i hope so!

  28. I live in the UK and season 2 is just comming to an end. I downloaded the majority off the internet nd i cant wait for season 3 to start. it couldnt come at a better time. I cant wait!!!!!.


  29. All I can say about Lost is not only is it the coolest show ever to come out in 10 years or more, as far as who dies and who doesnt? Who cares, this show now has generated so many fans no matter who the staring cast is it will continue on. And one thing to keep in mind the writers had said when they origonaly posted this show they planned on it runnin at least five years. I dont think they realized how big of a hit this show was gonna be. To be honest the only new show that will even come close to competing with lost is jericho and quite frankly i dont think that show will last nearly as long, if it makes it out of the first seaon it will be lucky and not to mention its competing with the same time and date as lost so no worries there. lost will be a phenonemon that will last for several years to come even if they do make us wait months at a time for new episodes, but just think, seasons one and two are now out on dvd to keep us all entertained during the breaks and if all else fails maybe will get lucky and jericho will be somethin to watch when lost isnt around but if i had my choice between jericho and lost? lost wins it hands down.

  30. For all you people who are saying season 3 is just coming out in your country, if you absolutely CANT WAIT you can always go to abc.com and watch all the season 3 episodes [that are out so far] for free! =].

  31. yeah you can only watch them if you live in america! i english! god i feel like a minority 🙁 like a black man, but white instead.

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