Lost Season 3 Starts October 4rth 2006


They will be screening 7 episodes then and the rest of the season – 18 episodes beginning in Jan or Feb 2007.

I just posted more info about Lost Season 3 in the comments below
Everyone who Surives Season 2 Finale will be back! Link here
-Season 3 will have no more repeats
-No New Regular cast members joining for Series 3 of Lost

Just posted about the season 2 finale and the ultimate theory!

Just a reminder to those who are fans of ABC’s show Lost, Season 3 starts OCTOBER 4TH 2006 I’m really excited about this season hell, I can’t stand the breaks this show has for months at a time. Anyway, be sure to tune in OCTOBER 4TH 2006 for Lost!

For those of you who want to catch up and jump into Lost, there is a 1 hour special (i think its 1 hour) starting at 7pm or 8pm est.

*edit it is only 1 hour.

**see comments below added a Lost Season 3 interview
***edited again added another Lost Series 3 update below! NO more repeats! 🙂
****Lost Season 2 Finale info blogged about as well.


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285 thoughts on “Lost Season 3 Starts October 4rth 2006”

  1. hey another uk viewer here-my theory is that hurley is the main characther of the show i think he will end up being the hero.

    also i think that michael and walt have been freed so that they are pulled to another section of the island and placed in another hatch. sawyer jack n kate r taken to another hatch.hurley is captured on his way back by calvin and taken to another hatch and more secrets r revealed.thats wot i think anyway!!

  2. all i hope is that when the episodes are shown in america on the 4 of october that sombody takes the care of putting it on an illegal downloadinging program like ares or limeiwire that same night so we can all enjoy in the uk aswell as the us. ok???
    what do ya say?

  3. HMM any 1 kno wen Lost season 3 will be available on P2P networks such as limewire!?!?!?!?!?!

  4. would just like to say that torrentspy has been excellent with things like lost its normally on there within a few hours of it being aired in the us,i dont mind waiting the next day as it’s always worth it!but dont forget by the time its shown in the us its not far off morning here so i would go with torrentspy.Roll on october the 4th!

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  6. Nick, thank you letting us know you think we have a good site. Im sorry your attempts at spamming didnt work because the links dont show up in the comments. I did however remove the link from your name to your blog for you 🙂

  7. pleeeeeeeeeeease!!!!!!!!!!! some1 tell me whats the connection between hanso foundation(almost what is that?) and lost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Has anyone else noticed Lockes dad on the widmoregoup.com website? he is in the corpoate section…….do we al;ready know this??

  9. You lot have really got me thinking now! I don’t think what that person said was true about the season 3 storyline… The only thing that would make sense would be that penny’s father funded the experiments by dharma/hanso because he’s uber-rich.

    I am bugged by the Others letting Walt go – they went to all that trouble to get him, so they would not just let him leave. Desmond said he tried to leave the island by boat but ended up back at the same place, how would the Others know which direction to point Walt and Michael in?
    Also, what sort of tests were carried out on Walt?
    And what part does Alex have to play in the overall story?
    And why do those numbers keep appearing everywhere?
    Roll on season 3.

  10. Of course that stuff on Season 3 isn’t true. They wouldn’t have even written that much of Season 3 yet, let alone let regular crew member read through it. They have been keeping stuff from the actors even , so they film their scene but don’t even know how it actually fits into the storyline, it’s unlikely that a crew member is going to know more about it.

  11. Ello,
    Another Brit here. Been a loyal fan of Lost from the beginning and have really enjoyed reading through all of your comments and theories. I just wanna know WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON. I love the show but I am soooooo confused. Apparently the writers have an ending, their just dragging out the storylines and the flash backs to cash in on the dollar-deniro. I cant wait for season 3, 4, 5 or 17 etc i just wanna know everything NOW.

  12. Oh my God, of course. I have just read the Ultimate Lost theory and it makes perfect sense. The plane never crashed, it’s all a big experiment and/or VR game. That’s why everyones pasts are linked and everyone has meet someone somewhere before, it’s all fake. Hurley never won the lottery, Sawyer never met Jack’s father, Kate never killed anyone etc, false memories. This has to be the answer. Ever see "Back to reality" Red Dwarf series 5 or Dark City (Film with Kiefer Sutherland & Richard OBrian). I don’t know why this never occurred to me before, I thought about that they all maybe dead & in limbo or in hospital in comas, but it all makes sense to me now. Happy happy joy joy 🙂

  13. Apparantly thw whole "Lost" programme is America’s way of introducing a technology to the country, something to do with electromagnetic energy (generator on the island) which has the power to heal (locke’s legs & Rose’s blood disease) can be used as a weapon crashing the plane for example, there is a website i will try find out the addy as i cant remember, its supposedly a technology the russian’s have, dont know if this is true but it fits in with the events in lost nearly

  14. Hmm.. been thinking about that shark with the logo on it’s butt…
    Dharma research facility underwater? studying the way that sharks/sea creatures behave? And maybe this logo is a means of tracking these test subjects?

    Maybe Walt was taken there and left in a room filled with water to see if he could appear somewhere else in order to save himself from drowning?
    Or tested to see if he could escape in some sort of Houdini-esque sense?
    That would explain why he appeared to Shannon dripping wet, and his fear of the"room" that Bea mentions.
    Just a thought.

  15. i think i found somthing kind of interesting…. but is probably completely irrelivant.

    if you look at the old jeep ad under the trash folder on letyourcompassguideyou.com there is like a aztec sculpture… it has 4 fingers….. i kind of thought that might go along with the whole 4 toes thing…. and if you zoom in you see that someone has put text beside the sculpture thing wich reads, the mouth piece…

    like i said… this probably has nothing to do with lost but i just wanted to point it out just in case

  16. Hey guys, i have 2 say that this is a fantastic blog!! Another mad LOST fan here frm Australia. Alot of really gd n interesting theories.

    I have a question. Remember when Locke was conversing to ‘Henry’ in the hatch in one of the episodes and Henry tells Locke that when he wad captured, he was actually on his way to their camp. And when Locke asks him why, Henry tells him that it was cos he was coming to get him. I find that rather perplexing. Why would Henry want Locke? Also, if he did want Locke, why wasn’t Locke one of the four that Michael had 2 bring back to the Others?

    Seriously can’t wait for Season 3. It juz keeps gettin better n better. And the best part is, there are still 5 more seasons to go!! Haha.

    I was lookin thru sum of the dvds from the 1st season and there was one where the cast of LOST were auditioning for roles. Was kinda surprised that Jorge Garcia(Hurley) originally auditioned for the role of Sawyer but they then decided to create an entirely new role(that being the rols of Hurley) for Jorge cos he was such a gd actor.

    I dun believe that post from much earlier abt the supposed events of Season 3, maybe except for the theory that Charles Widmore is behind the reason for Desmond ending up on the island.

    Also mentioned was the death of Sawyer thru Hurley and Jack bringing Kate’s body back to the island. I hope they aren’t true cos it would be kinda sad 2 lose such important characters. Also, Walt doesn’t seem like his usual self. I have a feeling that the Others have brainwashed him in some way. Michael doesn’t noe wat he is doing and I feel that the Others meant something different when they talked about them being ‘rescued’ at the coordinates 352.

    I also think that Desmond, Locke n Eko r alive and season 3 will explain the events that took place on activation of the failsafe in greater detail. I agree with Box Man when he sed that Charlie might’ve been temporarily deaf when he was asked about wat happened.

    Finally, does anyone have any idea why the Hanso Foundation website has been infiltrated? Seems kinda weird. The work of overzealous LOST fans or something else that has sinister connotations?

    Get back to me a.s.a.p. and THIS BLOG RULEZ!!

  17. i heard some rumours about season 3.you learn that:

    1.desmond is alive

    2.the whole others stuff and dharma are fully explained

    3.why they haven’t been rescued

    4.two survivors are brother and sister but only realised it now.

    i’d say that locke and someone or claire and someone are bro/sis

  18. Found some info on t’internet, read on…

    Next season, we will understand the real ramifications of Desmond activating the failsafe and what that did. The central issue of season three will be what did happen. It sounds like Desmond’s coming back. They said they want him back, we want to know why he was in prison, we want to know what happened when he turned that key that affected the entire island. That will become very important. The island was visible but only for an instant. It was also visible for an instant on 9/22/04 when the plane crashed.

    The foot statue represents the history and archeology of the island. Season three will explore what happened on the island before Dharma arrived in the late 70’s and who was there.
    The smoke monster will definitely be back in Season three. There is a good chance we saw the monster this year and didn’t realize we were looking at it. By the end of next year we will realize what it was and when we saw it.

    Why did the Others take Jack, Kate and Sawyer? Where is their home? That will be the story told over the first six episodes.

    Season 3 will also be about the main characters and their relationships. They want to service the relationships next year more than the mythology. How Locke got in the wheelchair, how Jack got his tattoos will be revealed in Season three.

    Next season will be about the Others, as led by the oblique Henry Gale (played by Michael Emerson, who will join the regular cast). Mr. Cuse listed what viewers will learn about the Others by this time next year: "Who are these people? How many of them are there? What is their history? What are they trying to accomplish?"

    Producers of ABC’s hit series Lost […] told SCI FI Wire that it sets up the upcoming third season, which will focus more on romanceand on the mysterious Others. "The Others are an important part of season three, and there’s a lot of mysteries and a lot of questions about the Others that the audience is going to be curious about going into season three," said executive producer Carlton Cuse in an interview. "And those are the things we’re going to explore." Cuse added: "There will definitely be some new characters on the show next year. … Obviously, Michael Emerson, who plays Henry Gale, he’s someone who’s going to be very prominent in the show next year." Fans were also introduced to a new character who promises to figure in next season’s storylines: Penelope Widmore, played by Sonya Walger. […] "I’m excited about love in season three," said executive producer Bryan Burk, adding: "Don’t forget now the people have been on the island for 60-plus days. They’re now obviously more familiar with each other. … The concept of love is there, and… it weaves its way through all of our characters. It’s going to be much more prevalent in season three."

    Carlton Cuse reveals: I will say that the next season is a lot about the Others. There’s a lot of mysteries about the Others that we’ll be getting into next year. [We will see more of Alex next season.]

    According to the Hollywood Reporter, ABC’s Lost is on the hunt for two new actresses to join the cast for Season 3, now that the show’s distaff ranks have been quickly depleted by the twin killings of Michelle Rodriguez’s Ana Lucia and Cynthia Watros’ Libby.

    [Chances to see Ana-Lucia in flashbacks are] slim to none, according to Carlton [Cuse]. "Never say never, but we feel like we told her story," he reveals. "Her arc had a beginning, middle and an end." "You will [eventually] find out what happened to Cindy," [says Cuse.]

    Harold Perrineau is not a regular for next season. He could be back as a guest star ( la Walt this season) but not as a regular cast member.

  19. In episode 16 of season 2, when Locke goes to the bank to collect the money left by his "dead" father the number of the safe is – 1516
    The third and fourth "maguc" numbers.
    Just another coincidence I suppose?
    Not really important but thought I’d mention it anyway…

  20. Hey pple, juz a theory here. IF the failsafe was meant to disperse the electromagnetic energy once and for all, what would the implications of it be?

    What if the energy was only a temporary fix in that now that itz gone, Locke would need 2 be wheelchair bound and Rose would find evidence of cancer once again? Would that be possible?

    Also, do u all also think that Henry is not the head honcho of the Others and that there is someone else who is in charge but he/she is more of an indirect controller?

    Get back 2 me a.s.a.p

  21. Howdy,
    Hey C2Death I think your right about Henry not being the head of the "Others", like in those horror/thriller films were they think they’ve killed the baddie but then the big queen comes along at the end, meaner and nastier than the rest. Yes, and I bet it is a woman too, a gorgeous, slim but big chested woman with a JLo butt, dressed like an amazon, long brown hair, dirt on her face, shows no mercy, with an exotic name like Jasmine or Venus.

  22. You all keep speculating what the plot is. I’m 100% sure that the writers don’t even know yet. They just write as they go, killing of people when they are told to…no one knows that plot yet. And I bet it will be an awful one. Once lost ratings drops as people are getting tired of never getting closer to the solution (much like x-files) they will have to come up with a way to end the show…

  23. Hey hummm i read that sawyer will be killed by hurley on season 3….that just can’t be possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Sawyer is my favorite one and he is one of the most important and interesting charater in LOST!!!!!
    I’m really desapointed!!!!Of course I luv the show but without sawyer LOST will be the same LOST i knew on the season 1 and 2???,Don’t think so!!!
    I really hope that’s false!!!

  24. Hey, does anyone else think that when the plane crashed they all died and they are all in pergetury now. and they will all remain here until they resolve problems or issues that they have incontered in their lives. e.g. katie cannot fall in love wit anyone because she’s afraid, when her and jack finally get together she will be killed and be passed on to heaven or somit;-)

    Maybe this is why booms sister was killed (i forget her name), because she finally learned to fend 4 herself and she really fell for siad because she love him not only to get money from the situation.

    the same theory cud b put to anna lucias death, maybe she learned to be nice(i donno, just throwin it out there)

    let me know what ye think?
    Niall, Eire

  25. Hey Niall Kelly, in an interview with the creators of LOST, that was one of the theories that were presented to em to see if that was true. The LOST creators denied that it was the case and said that the truth will be revealed as the seasons progressed.

    Gd theory though. I really wanna noe how the Others ended up on the island in the 1st place. Could they have possibly been scientists who worked together in the Dharma Initiative or something totally different. And also i would like to know what brought the Others to the island in the 1st place. Could they have experienced the same thing as Jack and the rest?

    I hope that these pieces of info are revealed soon. Season 3 is gonna be fantastic i think. The failsafe has kept me thinking for a while. Are Desmond, Locke and Eko dead? I have a feeling that they didnt as other pple who have posted here have said that Desmond has been signed up for next season. So that could mean that they are alive, or that Desmond’s sole purpose is to serve as a flashback..

  26. I don’t know whether this is already "old knowledge", but adding the numbers in the password 4+8+15+16+23+42 gives 108….

    Why is it 108 minutes and not a different number (allowing a sleeping time of a maximum of 108 minutes is of course a nice experiment on humans)

    Perhaps the password itself is another code…

    gr, J

  27. If the failsafe let out the electromagnetic field wouldnt that mess with the ships compass that michael and walt have.That is probably why the others told them to go to 352 to really make them leave and now thanks to the messed up compass they willsurely be back. Thats probably why desmond couldnt get off the island, he had thhe wrong coordinates on his ships compass. And as always this is just a theroy

  28. well, i’ve heard alot of theories about electromagnetic forces and what they can do.
    i.e. rose’s cure etc. bust the most interesting thing is about lockes legs. we all know that this unstable landscape has some curing power (i have no idea about how electromagnetic things work) but if the nano particle theory is correct, and if desmond of whoever shuts it off, then surely locke must be back paralyzed, and rose would die in a certain amount of time; which would be heartbreaking but again, an intruging story line…

  29. Gary Troup, author of Bad Twin, is an angram of ‘purgatory’… producers poking fun, I’d say

  30. i heard tat the black smoke is some sort of monster that was created by Dharma. the electromagnitism is used to control the eletro ions of which the black smoke is made up of. so the button must be pressed every 108 min to control it and prevent it from escaping from the island.

  31. Amazing site with some great theroies! Im watching Lost on an Irish channel! Way ahead of the British, in terms of episodes!
    Desmond, Locke and Eko will be back, not sure if there dead or just apering in flasbacks!
    Don’t think Sawyer will die!
    Ive heard a rumour that in Season four Walt will be back full-time but he will be played by a different actor!

  32. I think LOST is one of the best series since X-files – keeps you guessing and brings people together like this site for some really enthralling discussion – so what if it’s not real (maybe not?) bringing people together like this is sooooo cool.

    Here’s a new idea for everyone – Maybe the whole LOST series is just one of Hurley’s catatonic dreams and the episode where he was in the hospital was one of the few times he is alert and awake…….the rest is all in his head and therefore anything can happen.

  33. TV peeps have a problem when it comes to realizing that a programme has run it’s course and it’s time to end it. I love ‘The X-Files’, ‘Buffy’, ‘Angel’ and ‘Charmed’, but didn’t they all go on a bit too long and the storylines became samey and/or boring. Please TV people don’t do this with ‘Lost’. I love it but don’t drag it out too long, there comes a point with all these show where you start thinking ‘I know this has always been a bit far-fetched, but this is totally unbelievable now, I can’t watch’. Think on.

  34. anyone reckon that another plane will be joining the losties? because if 1 system failure got them all here, will another bring some other people??? Anyone gt any ideas on the other hatches drawn around the island. And i think that the pearl is being monitored by other people because the tubes go nowhere it seems pointless and a test to see if people will watch people and fill stuff about them

  35. I want to ask something if the button is real ? mean ?f you dont press it a plane crashes or something why nothing happened when Henry Gale didnt pressed it did he lie.Why everyone that has Vincent dies or dissaperas first Walt then Shannon died and then when Vincent was close to Ana Lucia she dies.

  36. hi im from the uk so the latest i’ve seen is locke-down. i wonder what the others mean by the lists are ment for them to take the "good" people? and when henry said that goodwin(?) from the tail section other thought he could change ana? oh this is so confusing =S

  37. Hi, im a brit and im a HUGE fan. I think that pen created dharma and is using it to try and find desmand. Also y when the lockdown happened henry didnt press the button and nothing happened but at the end of the series they didnt press it and all that shakking happened and the magnetic stuff? is that because echo tryed to blow the door up with dynamite?

  38. Hi, I’m from Poland, so my English is not perfect. Sorry for that! 🙂 There’s just one thing I want to ask. In Polish magazine called "Film" I read an article about Emilie de Ravin. I read that according to unofficial information about "LOST: SEASON 3" Claire will have a relationship with Jack. Do you think it’s true? Maybe someone heard something about that? If you did, please write, because I’m very curious. Thanks and sorry for my mistakes.

  39. Mr Evil 37, I think "Henry" pushed the button, he just lied. (sorry about my english if somethings wrong…)

  40. well all i can say is i dont f**king know any more i had it but now im back to being lost again but i am just waiting for the next lost cos im well lost at the mo iv just read all the posts and i think u are all well out cos i thnk its just about geting u lost and that why we are all lost by the way im pissed at the mo so sorry for going on and talking crap but i do fell well good at the mo so i dont care crap iv lost my drink wheres it gone do u think its any think to do with me working lost out cos my drink was by the side of me a min a go mmmmmmm well thats werd im not saying any more cos i dont know what else of mine will be lost if i do I KNOW TO MUCH the others have got to me

  41. heyy do anybody know where I can download lost season 3 episodes on october 4th? I don’t lve in usa..

  42. about that there will be no new cast members next season is a little off since it’s been confirmed that Rodrigo Santoro (a brazillian actor) will be in season 3 as one of the oters 🙂

  43. Here’s the deal with Walt and Michael. The others deemed it necessary to acquire Kate, Sawyer and Jack, which they did nego. with Michael. The others being "honorable", kept their part of the deal by letting Michael and Walt telling them to follow a course. I believe that the course would have lead them away from the island, however…………………

    When the bunker was blown and a huge magnetic puluse occured, I think this will screw up the compasses again. So the course that Michael was org. following, will no longer be valid and they will be returned back to the island.

    Remember when Sayid stated that the compases were way off to Jack. When the bunker blows up, either the compases will be set to work correctly, or be even more screwed up.

  44. I knew it is a social experiment. The others are just testin them 2 see how they react 2 the island. It occured 2 me that maybe the "numbers" are co – ordinates of some kind. I don’t know if you have noticed but all the numbers are multiples with the exception of 15 and 23. I live in Samoa and our local DVD stopre downloads the eps from the internet.

  45. Did anyone notice in Season 1 ep5. When Jack sees his dad when he is sitting in front of the fire. You hear a twig snap. I turned the subtitles in on and it even had it on the subtitles. Coincidence. MAYBE!! Maybe his dad was cryogenically frozen 2 make him look like he was dead at the mourge.

  46. I reckon that John Locke’s Father is the con man who did Sawyer’s family,remember when he said"your not the first person i’ve conned"how interesting would that be.

  47. one the subject of henry and him pushing the button or not i dont think he pushed it and the hatch didnt start its system failure as it was already locked down and had nothing to do.

  48. tell me wat u think about this:

    back in season 1 sayid followed some cables he found on the beach that led to the french women, the cable went into the sea (i think french woman said it was some sort of power supply – mayb wrong) but wat if tehre was something else down there e.g. the room that Walt was put in by thee others, underwater hence when shannon saw walt he was soaking wet.

    and how about suns pregnancy, every1 thinks its teh english teachers but maybe it really is jins the island healed his sterileness.

    plus i support the idea of there being 2 groups of ‘others’, 1 is henrys group hence the we are the good guys, and he wants sawyer, jake and kate to join their grouop to battle the evil ones in the future (these 3 hav experiences with guns), hence why goodwin wanted ana lucia as she cud use a gun to.

    another idea of mine is that LOST is based loosely on the movie BATTLE ROYALE, its a form of sick reality television, the people were specially selected to take part, the only way out of the island is to win the game, and to win you have to kill your fellow contestants, teh aim of teh game is survival.

    wat do u guys think. Im a brit xxxx

  49. brit i think ur totally right about the game theory but i dont think i agree with the 2 ‘others’ i think its just one big group working together. and u know when michael was looking for walt and he goes to the others’ land the huts were all empty and there was no food, fire, or any furniture. so i think its just a set-up or smthn.

  50. to further support the theory of LOST being a game, maybe penelope was paying people to find the island because shes been watching the reality program and saw desmond on it, but couldnt find the island as the button pressing kept the island hidden away.

    in away sort of like the truman show

  51. Whatever the overall outcome of the Lost saga turns out to be, one thing is for sure it has to be good. They cant drag us through all this confusion, brain overloading information and anticipation without there being an almighty climax. I don’t thinks its a reality show or a coincidence, I dont think they will be rescued and I dont think that the "others" will conquer the "Losties". There has to be a doosy of an ending, something to really look forward to. If they dont do the ending justice, there will be a riot!!!

  52. thats where i disagree, in teh episode where locke and ecko find teh other hatch (the monitoring one) there is the flash backs of claires psychic and he said it himself that he was a FREUD, the first time cliare went to see him he didnt tell her anything and told her to go, then the second time he saw her, he told her to keep the baby as she was teh only one who could protect it, why the sudden change of mind?

    its because its all been fixed, they were selected to be on the and

  53. arrrrrrrrrrr, you have a very good point, but how did they all get on that plane?!?! I know the flashbacks explain why they are all on the plane, but if they were all selected to be on a reality TV show and or experiment, the organizers could not guarantee that they would all decide to leave Sydney on the same day and all get on the same plane. It’s just like those horror films where everything works out perfectly for the killer and everyone he wants to kill is in the right place at the right time. I don’t buy it and if it is a set-up they’d better explain it properly or I will be very disappointed. But Ive still loved watchin it!

  54. The Others don’t mean harm to the ‘Lost ones’… They make it seem that way so they can keep control their actions someway or another.
    I don’t believe the ones they captured from the other side of the island (the children, Cindy,..) are dead,because The Others have captured Alex 17 years go, and she’s still alive. And I also think there’s gonna be a suprise when Rousseau meets The Others.. I think she’ll recognize them, or at least some of them.

  55. Well season 2 comes to an end and are we any wiser?
    I can only guess that the magnetic effect of the island gives out a huge EM pulse if the button is not pressed. This would explain why the plane crashed as all their electronics would have fried.
    Also the huge magnetic field created by the island would play havoc with any compass making navigation difficult. Try this experiment with a magnet and iron filings and you get pretty circular patterns so you end up where you started unless you take a very specific heading (michael).
    Oh and why did Locke put his map in that tube?

  56. So many questions.
    Charlie seems to have lost his memory so did the EM pulse cause this and is anyone else affected? Maybe Claire’s question "what happened?" and the fact that she’s suddenly kissing Charlie means she has no memory either?
    And this is really bugging me!
    Why oh why hasn’t anyone built any fortifications yet?
    I mean your camped on a beach with a known hostile force that is liable to attack/kidnapp anyone and you don’t post guards or build a fort. Why?

  57. Ok, heres one for ya.

    In the first season, there was an episode where Jack kept seeing his Dad around on the island. This was all kinda dismissed as him going a little crazy from lack of sleep or something. However, at the end Jack finds the coffin on the island, empty I might add. The body was nowhere to be seen, and they havent since found it or made any other mention of it. This is basically where my lil theory started  the islands healing abilities raising the dead. Just imagine how interesting it could be if Jack wasnt having a hallucination or that his Dad turned up as one of The Others alive and well! I admit this is unlikely as there are bodies that have been dug up that have not returned to life (like the real Henry Gale). However, this whole idea was then pushed even more to the front of my mind in the episode where Ecko has his lil flashback thing and there is that girl who has, guess what& come back from the dead! I know she wasnt on the island, but it goes to show its possible in Lost! Could Boon and Shannons graves actually be empty with them being resurrected and joining The Others? Er& no. But its fun thinking about different theories anyway! 🙂

  58. I agree with most of your comments i am only 12 but i watch lost and i sortof had a feeling is this a reality tv show! i mean it could b a show of life and death andthere all being watched and people like the "others" are cast members as in they know there being watched so they go along with it. you may b thinking y would ppl die well its life or death like i said… if you fail you die and if you are successful you live its only an idea but its kindof good ?!?

  59. Firstly, great Blog, loving it folks!

    I’m in Scotland and have just learned that you jammy bam’s across the water get season 3 starting on Wednesday! I’ll maybe look into getting them sooner than waiting for them coming on tv over here though 😉

    Here’s a couple of things i’ve noticed and theories for you to think about;

    1- 4 + 8 + 15 + 16 + 23 + 48 = 108 (minutes?!)

    2- 4 x 8 x 15 x 16 x 23 x 48 = 7418880 (the number on the portugese guys’ screen at the end of season 2

    Anyone got any theories on the numbers?

    3- Salty Walt is clearly magic in some kind of way, (you’ll all know of all the stuff he’s done without me spelling it out to you) so why did the others let him go?

    4- Am i wrong or are Bernard and Rose the only people to appear in only eachothers flashbacks?

    Cheers, Graham

  60. You said something about the bullets being fake. When Michael was shooting at the bird in the jungle he never fired off any rounds because he was given an empty clip.

  61. ok, so we know that the losties plane crashed because of the electromagnetism, but how did desmonds small boat reach the island in the first place if the outside world cannot see the island? was there another system failure?

  62. Hey people!! Im a Spanish girl and I want to know more things about "Lost", because here, in Spain, season 2 has just finished, so Im really excited to know whats happen in season 3. Can any American tell me new things about Losts 3rd season?

  63. Lena, click on the Season 3 link on the left hand side of the page, there are complete recaps of all the episodes thus far in season 3.

  64. Hey Scott!! Im Lena, a Spanish girl from Madrid. Thanks for the information you gave me about the complete recaps of all the episodes of Lost(season 3) some days ago. Ive been reading them and many doubts have disappeared.
    Kisses form Madrid

  65. Hey Scott!! Im Lena, a Spanish girl from Madrid. Thanks for the information you gave me about the complete recaps of all the episodes of Lost(season 3) some days ago. Ive been reading them and many doubts have disappeared.
    Kisses from Madrid

  66. hey,greece speaking.who is the guy “abc network” that says that in season 3 sawyer dies by hugo???these are nonesenscenses!!!!

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