Lost Season 3 First Episode Info

Rumors are saying the first episode of season 3 is called “Him”

Who is the the ‘Him’????

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  1. He was orignally mentioned in Season 2 ep 15, Maternity leave, when Claire is remembering her time spent in the medical hatch. In one part of her flashbacks, Ethan and The guy with the fake beard were talking and arguing because Ethan took Claire before he was meant to.

  2. maybe "him" is refering to His Infernal Majesty which i know means something about satan…i only know this due to the fact that there is a band called him. most likely just a coincidence but i thought i might put the idea accross

  3. just to add to the previous post i searched "His Infernal Majesty" in wikipedia and it came up with this "Satan plays various roles in the Tanakh, the Apocrypha and New Testament. In the Tanakh, Satan is an angel whom God uses to test man for various reasons usually dealing with his level of piety" and "Satan is also commonly known as the Devil, the "Prince of Darkness," Beelzebub, Belial, Lucifer, and Mephistopheles. In the Talmud and some Kabbalist works, Satan is sometimes called Samael. In the fields of angelology and demonology these different names sometimes refer to a number of different angels and demon" could this be the reason as to why the "others" are sometimes nice and other times very mean…

  4. i think that the button was to stop the infection . In the first episode with thge video it said that there was a incident i think that it was nuclear plant and there was a spillage that released the infection ( radation) and the electromagnetasm was to stop the disease getting worse .

  5. well i think he is who desmond was waiting for and the guy befor desmond recalling on episode 1 in season 2 desmond says to locke ‘are you him?’ and the othere guy when desmond arives askes the same question !

  6. no…the name “him” comes from Benjamin Linus “a.k.a Henry Gale”…Benjamin
    is the leader of others…In 1st episode Linus locks Kate and Sawyer in cages

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