Did Anyone See The Hand In Lost

When Kate brought Sawyer out of the hatch after he woke up from his infection, there was a black horse outside. Did anyone see the hand on the right hand side of the screen? Probably the horse’s trainer or something!!

The hand is at the end of Season 2 episode 9 – “What Kate Did”, when kate takes sawyer out of the hatch. Obviously visible on the right hand side of the screen.

10 thoughts on “Did Anyone See The Hand In Lost”

  1. It was just the Hand of the Equestrian trainer, they just shot the pannel to wide.

  2. Henry says to micheal at the end of series 2 "we’re the good guys" so if the others are the good guys then who are the bad guys? Also did anyone notice the dharma sign on the shark at the begining of series 2?

  3. But what hapend with horse???I meen, how did he got on the island, that horse saved Kate, evan Sawyer saw it!!!

  4. Hi, I have noticed 2 more errors. The first is that Echo’s cross got magnetized in the hatch. That can’t happen with silver metal only with iron!
    The second is when the hieroglyphs in the counter appear their background is all red. That red background should have been noticeable before since those counters must follow all the cards until they get back to the right place again.

  5. Could some one please post a picture of this scene! i keep hearing about it ..but have never actually seen ‘the hand’ 🙂 thanx soo much

  6. Oh my god I laughted so hard when I saw "the hand" picture…. that is NOT a hand, stop trying to make it interesting.

  7. Is kate going to choose which guy jack or sawyer i think really everyone prefers her with jakck but why dosen’t she go with him instead does she have feeling for sawyer i would like it if she was with jack though in season 4 for now on!

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