Did Anyone Notice The Car In LOST?

There was a car in the background of LOST. I swear to the world it was there and I have a screenshot of it!
Car In ABC Lost

When Anna Lucia and Goodwin were taking their break and discussing the knife, you could see the white truck moving in the background. It was faint but if you look right between them then you will see it in motion as it looks like it is driving up a road. I’m not sure if this was purposeful or just an accident but I’m positive anyone with a taping of tonight’s Lost will see it.

I’m guessing the only explination for it is that no one on the Lost production crew noticed it, or they are going to give ‘The Others’ a truck or something, I guess they do have a boat so why not? 🙂

Did anyone else see it?????

**other points of note**
Does Mr Echo have a Dharma tattoo? it look like it
Why do the Pirates have a gun and the others don’t?
The pirates seemed bearded and rough as apposed to the others who say they are only “taking the good people”
Any relationship b/t Mr. Echo and the fact all the whispers are echoing?
Why didnt Anna go and get the knife?
Are the people they kidnapped safe like Goodwin says?
Cindy was the flight attendant, FYI

11 thoughts on “Did Anyone Notice The Car In LOST?”

  1. If the others have a boat is it really so far-fetched to think that they also have a truck? Maybe that’s why they are hard to track down. Or its a hover craft which explains why they never leave tracks.

  2. I think dat this was just a mistake nobody noticed just like the hand of the horsetrainer.

  3. You people are weir – in the end of the day it is the plot that is the main thing – whilst i amhere looking at the characters and what they are saying – you lot are more focused on a little dot in the background – talk about being sad or what!!!

  4. Hi, I have noticed 2 more errors. The first is that Echo’s cross got magnetized in the hatch. That can’t happen with silver metal only with iron!
    The second is when the hieroglyphs in the counter appear their background is all red. That red background should have been noticeable before since those counters must follow all the cards until they get back to the right place again.

  5. theres alot of erros if you watch for them. I remember when they were on the raft i swear i counted 3 ships in the shot at one point of another when they were doing diffrent camera angles.

  6. After putting the Lost Puzzle #1 together, there was the upper right portion of the Blast Door map which says that near the Arrow Station there may be a road system. So this might not really be a mistake.

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