The Black Smoke / Monster in ABC’s Lost

The guy who plays Ecko was on Jimmy Kimmel last night and he addressed that – apparently the monster smoke thing will not harm people who are genuinely good people.

This could explain why it doesn’t bother Ecko or Locke, but it doesnt explain why it pulled Locke into the hole.

95 thoughts on “The Black Smoke / Monster in ABC’s Lost”

  1. Did you see all the flashing images inside the smoke when it was close to Ecko’s face?

  2. I still love the show, but it seems like the writers are stalling. I suspect they have no idea what’s going to happen next…they’re just making it up as they go along.

  3. youre all wrong…the writers know exactly what to do,but its only the second season and they want to make it a little bit longer, but thats fine,cuz i dont like fast progress.the show is great

  4. actually, according to Lindelof, the show is supposed to span 4 to 5 seasons, and the series was planned from start to finish. they know exactly how it was going to start and exactly how it will end. this is awesome, but i don’t know if i can stand another 3 years to find out what the hell is happening… just thought i’d bring that up that point. their not stalling, they know what’s up, they’re just slowly working their way to it.

  5. I don’t know what to say, the show is awesome, few shows keep you staring at it like this one, but honestly, the smoke thing was pretty funny, I mean, how the hell a dark cloud is going to think who it can attack and who can not! Hope it has a really good explanation…

  6. Hey Deep Dish! just wanted to say i love the show also, we dont know for sure if the smoke attacks any one at all? we just asume because there is a loud noise and people go missing it hurts people?
    lets take locke in season one? it didnt kill him did it? i think the smoke is like some kind of alien observation device!

  7. The monster must attack some people, or there must be another monster in addition to the smoke. Remember series 1? what the hell rips the pilot out of the plane and rips his body apart??
    and why has the monster that crashes throught the trees not come back??

  8. i think that the smoke only attack people who fear it, remember when charlie asks eko if he was scared he goes
    "i did not fear it" well locke wasnt scared of it in season one either, but the pilot was shittin bricks so it killed him.

  9. hi! an greetings from germany!

    i’ve ust seen the last episode of teh second season and i can’t believe, i habe to wait until october to see how its going on!

    in germany they have not even began playing season 2!!! – you are lucky guys! i’m glad, i could download the season 2 from the internet – think of the lake of information all the others ones have!!!

  10. Is it possible that the "thing" Locke saw the first time is NOT the same "thing" that tried to pull in into the pit? We never saw what Locke was seeing the first time, and he stated "I have looked into the eye of this island and it is beautiful." Then when he is talking about the black smoke that tried to pull him into the pit it didn’t sound like they were the same thing.

  11. is the black smoke and the thing that rips up trees the same thing. I dont thik they are but i want to be certain????????





  14. I think all the poeple desmond seemed to see weren’t really there, it was just cos he was out of it.

  15. hi im a swiss guy, like this series very much..

    watch this scene again, you will see that desmond focussed calvin like a spectroscope – so its just calvin that save desmond..

  16. hey rob from england here, lost rocks,

    talking about the smoke, in episode 1 when the engine blows up and hurley, claire and jack do a dramatic dive look closely slow it down and watch the frames, you will see that the smoke goes into the engine and causes it to blow up

  17. Hi. In the last episode of lost season 2 desmond came back after sailing for days on sea, so why does the points micheal and walt were given going to take them anywhere else. I also feel the others are scientists of some kind. Why is jacks dad involed with nearly every member of the island. And lastly why the hell were the two men at the end (looking for desmond) in the antaric i bet the island members find there on the isle of man or something

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  19. whats the deal with the mysterious black smoke that Mr Eko and Charlie witnessed?

    And when sawyer shot at the guy with the fake beard, the bullet bounced off him and grazed sawyer’s neck. Maybe thats linked with the electo-magnetic stuff? ….

  20. In the very first episode when the pilot got killed, the monster produced loud footsteps, if that is the black smoke, then i believe that we only saw one of the many forms the creature, or that the black smoke did not kill the pilot at all

  21. Yer i think they are two different things. The black smoke and the monster behave differently and sound different. Either they are two seperate things or there is more than one form the the ‘security system’ can take. There may even be more than two, and we just havnt seen the others yet, who knows????

  22. Limewire will only show you clips and won’t give you the whole viewing experience. But, since it’s showing in the states, you can get it from Itunes – if you have it. Then, you can just purchase the 2nd season for $1.99 (USD)per episode!

    Also, that smoke episode came right after we found out about Mr. Eckos confusing past. Remember when we found out that due to saving his brother at a young age, he became a thug-turned drug runner? Yet his soul was slowly converted after what happened with his brother. Also,when the smoke came out, it seemed to hold images – some of his past – so I’m assuming the reason why it took so long was because it was trying to decide if he was good or bad and since he’s so conflicted, it took awhile. Then it looks like it decided that he was more good than bad and left…. at least that’s my theory.


  24. Hi every 1 hows it gan ken likkee i herd that hurleys overweight ha ha (joke) na really i herd that hurleys dads name was vincent yes thats right the same name as walts dog so explain that then and also 3 people on the island got ran over by the same car in the real world michael,locke and kate and the driver was mr candel(the guy in the orientataion tape)also that the monster is not even got to do with the smoke but i do no wat the monster is but i won’t spoil it for any1 i have got contats thats how i know if you r wondering. Bye Bye xxxx

  25. you need to communicate with the outer world to get rescued.(Thats what walt says on the computer while to talking michael).
    oh by the way………………….

    Does any 1 no that they r on a island and there was a plane crash.ha ha ha ha ha.

    naaa anyway i think this is the best programme ever to appear on tv and i wud like to say thankyou to damnon lindelof and jj.abrams xx how gay is that. c u 2nite as all b on then c yaxx jelly man ha ha how stupid is that

  26. Hi evry1.. I thought you would be interested to know that I have seen season 5 (the last seaon). Unexpected things happen, suprisingly, Most of the charecters are killed in a big fight with the "others" they rescue Walt and the other two children. Kate, Jack, Locke, Walt, the two little children, Rose, and Walts dog Vincent are the only charecters that are alive to be rescued. Jack and Kate get married in the city after they have been rescued.

  27. a was only joking john a thot bens theory was good (NOT) lets get serious i was thinking that the black and white thing has somthing 2 do with it coz if u think a bout it the game locke was playing was black and white. sawyers glasses r black and white and in episode 12 series 2 u see a black and white dove when claire was talking 2 charlies mum. PS ben ur nae funny with ur shite theory ye bam

  28. hey ben am telling you you dinna speak some afa crap in by the way there is 6 seasons so unlucky u gibroney sausage ha ha ha.

  29. That ryan boy what a clown thinks he was funny writing all that crap well i actualy take it real series and thinking of going 2 court a bout it

  30. in the season 1 special features they said they had a 30 minute conversation where they already had the big picture of what the "first, five or six years were where the big picture finally began to come together.

  31. what i cant understand is, that "BLACK SMOKE" is the monster!!
    thats stupid, why cant it be a dinosaure or something, what looks like a real monster?!

  32. listen you dumbass black smoke dude sawyer never shot his gun at the guy with the fake beard it was an other that was in the trees who shot sawyer before he had a chance to shoot the boy with the black beard c’mon the boys not fucking invincible

  33. bobtod i think you should watch your language there could be kids writing in and we don’t want them reading that

  34. don’t you think the smoke that jack and kate saw in s 1 was smaller than that in s2 that ecko comfronted

  35. did anyone who lives in the uk watch jonathan ross last night lost actor who plays charlie was on he is dating kate(real life):0 and also jacks actor smokes. maybe the black smoke is just jack running to get a fag then breathing it all out at once.

  36. Well, In Series one Locke sees this creatue, and he then shows it to Boone, where he ties him up and boone imagines shannon dieng… which when locke asks how you felt, he said relieved, weird.
    So is the creature something that attacks people, or does it show their worst fears, like it could have shown Jack, Charlie, and Kates worst fear of finding a pilot who gets mysteriosuly killed.

  37. i think you could be right because then it could have been the monster making charlie feelthe baby was in danger as that is probably his worst fear

  38. im still trying to figure out about what the question mark leads to and why does everyone of the others seem like they are bum licking that whats his name henry gale is he one of the main peolple and when kate was in the nursery that guy who wears the fake beard wasnt wearing it and he was talking to some guy about what the master or whoever says so is this fake henry gale someone important and when is alex the daughter of the french woman gonna help again. and what are they testing and the thing that im really trying to work out is why the hell are the two others with guns guarding that door that leads nowhere but a wall they are pretnding but why and why do they keep moving from one station to another. please can someone answer why there was that flash and then the people pick up the signal. i know he turned the key but that makes no sense.i now kn0w why the plane crashed beause of when desmond didnt press the buttons the magnet went off and pulled the plane to the island but fate wants them there and they are all connected in some way but why do the have to keep dragging the seasons.

  39. Damon and Carlton said that the monster was shown in the second season we just didnt realize who or what it was. I think the wet walt that was talking in weird languages to Boone’s sister was the actual monster this season I mean think about it the monster already killed the pilot and I think it pushed the plane that Boones was in to.It also led to Boone’s sisters death buy lureing her to anna and allowing her to be shot.

    I dont noif you’ve noticed but Boone’s sisters named slipped my mind so sorry can someone please fill me in


  41. as ne body translated the heiroglyphics on the timer in the hatch ive been tryng for ages but no luk realy

  42. There was a comment in one of our posts that translated them to the letters "CYIAL"…which could translate to See You In Another Life and in the season finale when Desmond was going down under the hatch to turn the key he said "See ya in another life brother" to Locke and then it went straight to the timer with the symbols on it.

    I havent heard Cause to Die before, how did you come up with it?

  43. Hallo from Greece… Unfortunately we are still watching the 1st episode of the 2 series here in Greece. I already 12 episodes of 2 series and downloades some gr.subtitles but I am still very much behind. I have to see that this tv show makes me crazy and everytime finisces I want to see the next episode and the next and the next …I am sorry that I have to wait ….years to watch series 3,4,5 I am very very curious to see what happens!

    With Claire’s baby Aaron
    Lock’s foot
    The others and Alex
    Does Charlie is still on drugs? I think that his out of his mind
    Sayer loves Kate???? Blahhh

    I believe that the pilot was killed by a trap made by the others so he could nt help the survivors to escape the island

    I think Rousseau has only wanted to help the survivors and I think Ethan too.
    But he was afraid Rousseau also.

  44. Intresting……… but Glyph’s translated into western texts can have several different meanings!!!

  45. First, Ethan never saw Rousseau. Second, the pilot was eaten by whatever the monster is. It is written that we see what the monster is in season 2 but we do know realize it. Im still in search. You can also hear the pilot being eaten. So the whole trap by the others rumor is false. The show is amazing!

    1)Why does "henry gail" smile at the end of season 2 when desmond supposely blows up the hatch? Does he know?
    2)How did Desmonds gf know to look for a magnetic signal? Is she or her father part of the darhma studies?
    3)Are Desmond, Locke, and Echo dead?

    If anyone wants to talk further about Lost AIM Screen name is kuhn5611

  46. hey there, just read the past comments and never saw anyone mentioning the statue that sayid saw while on the boat. it only had 4 toes and was massive. where is the rest? and why has noone been talking about that? what is that all about?

  47. the statue with the four toe’s might represent what was on the island before the others took over in the 70s.

  48. Was Hurley’s imaginary pal from the mental hospital a ghost? If he was then the thoery that the island is a kind of limbo between life and death more likely to right. If he was a result of Hurley suffering from a mental disorder then obviously the show could end in lots of other ways. But there has been an undertone in the story so far that makes you think that it has a religious slant.
    But whats with the fake doors and the beards and the like? Are the others working for some outside agency or are they also lost?

  49. Regarding the black smoke…have any of you read "Prey" by Micheal Creighton. I could be wrong but it sure seems to resemble what was going on in that story.

  50. Hey remember that escene when Michael took his choosen friends to the others and He was attacked. all of sudden this giant bird came out from the tree and he start shooting ramdom around with out any magazines. What’s up with that?. what kind the strange animals are in the Island?.

  51. Dave is not real!(I think) At the end of that episode when Hugo and Dave are walking down the steps, Dave cast no shadow…..

  52. Did you see all the flashing images inside the smoke when it was close to Ecko’s face?
    if you look closely and pause you will see a image of a black women could it be Eckos mother? or someone he knows pherhaps thats why nothing happened to him But cant explain why it pulled Locke to the hole?????

  53. When the black smoke kills Echo in series 3 it sounds mechanical like the noise of a rollarcoaster being pulled up to the top

  54. Also in series 3 Ecko is confessing to What seems to be his brother when his brother says "why are you talking to me as if i’m your brothr" Wats with that?

  55. In Spain, the second season has already gone and we dont know when will begin the third one. Its incredible, this serie is absolutely incredible.

    I am sure they are part of a secret investigation that is why the islad is protected with an electromagnetic field.But what kind of experiment is being done?? whith planes crashing and people dying??
    May be a experiment that went out of control (because of the incident)and the others are there only to control the situation (they wanted Jack, Kate, and Sawyer because they are very reactive so dangerous to them).
    Now bacause of Desmod and Locke something changes, the protections of the islad failures, but there was only to prevent the people to find the islad or also to control that black smoke?? What is going to happen, who can know??

  56. I love everyone of the seasons but there so much crap going on at the same time and so many mysteries unsolved… I’m not very happy with Season 3 though. I think it’s kind of stalling and dragging and not as interesting as the previous seasons for example. I’ve been watching the new tv series of “THE 4400” and everyone of their episodes are breathtaking and catching, so I think the producers of LOST are going to have to step it up a knotch because I’ve heard from many people that LOST watchers are losing interest over other shows and because the 3rd season is becoming a little boring and monotonous, and I tend to agree with that.

  57. What about a nano-technology
    reconnoiter device with heuristic
    capabilities that can detect and act upon any wave length.

  58. i think the smoke is able to manifest itself as people or objects,
    and has been following all the characters on the island, i think hase
    been gathering data on all the islanders from the begining hence
    why it knows the fears and desires of each person.
    The same smoke may also be reporting back to the others hence why they have the same data on all the islanders.

    remmeber episode 20 in season 1
    when walt told locke not to open the hatch ?
    wut i think is THAT WAS THE MONSTER
    and remember when locke said to jack to leave him when he was falling to the hole
    wut i think is that the monster takes different shapes and sometimes its like one of the characters and says all that weird stuff ITS A SHAPESHIFTER
    thats my theory 😀

  60. Forget about the monster, forget about the weird smoke and most of all the pathetic “Others”. I would like to express my own critique.
    First- whenever “Sawyer” starts talking, this guy has a really good sense of humour, he just makes me laugh. Like he called “Locke” as Mr. Clean, Brutus, etc….
    Second-“Kate”, she’s really beautiful, in all angles, I mean her face she’s really pretty, Though “Sawyer” always called her freckles. She’s really much attractive without her trouser.
    Third-“Jack” I think his gay. That’s all for now people.

  61. Its obvious they have planned an ending because if you notice all the way through the series, they all have their own little flashbacks, and some of them go back as far as the 1st days of the crash. I just really dont think they would go to the effort of recreating the beach crash site for 1 little daydream. You have to look at it in film shooting terms. Different scenes and series are shot in the same locations but they dont have film crews going back and fore to film them. Theyre all done together.
    I Love the programme and there are some great stories and twists BUT there’s no way it had to be dragged out so long! If they cut out all the repeated parts it’d be complete and we’d know the amazing ending! (Also dragging it out so long gives the writers huge pressure to make the ending worth it!!!)

  62. I think the smoke/monster is a security measure for the island. Jacobs pet if you like! IT keeps an eye on everyones movements. The light that comes from it could be image scanning. Its putting people where theyre supposed to be on the island. It kills people if theyre a threat. But the pilot was just a warning to show off its potential.

  63. Hi all! I am big fan of LOST, have watched all series and 7 series of 4 season but I am still puzzled about black smoke, the others and Jacob. I read all opinios about this smoke and I would accept with this if not the fact that it kills only concrete people, is Eco the worst man ever? why it killed him? why it attacked Julie with Kate?( they didnt do anything that bad…) if it kill only scared guys, then that is wrong coz Eco wasnt thrilled though. I have got another guess-work that it can be UFO defender or smt like this ))), maybe a lot of time ago UFO crashed on island and cozed this strange electro magnetic waves, difference in time and this smoke.. anythig can be untill author gives us clues.. And about others : why they had been living on island before even Dharma came there and why this Other dont get elder? We could see Ben – little boy in one serie of 3 seasons and this Others whom Ben helped to kill Dharma. So why Ben gets elder while they dont change. Any one got ideas? and who is this Jacob ))? And why there is no black smoke in 4 season, I really miss it 🙂

  64. and also maybe this hole, where black smoke wanted Locke to throw is hole from UFO crash 🙂 , who knows ..

  65. I love this show. I just finished all of the seasons and now I am just waiting for them to release me episodes. I too am still confused about this “black smoke monster” but that is the way it is suppose to be. You are not suppose to really know what it is yet. I’m just confused with all this flash forwards in season four. And the fact that only 6 survived!! The Oceanic Six! I really want to know who’s funeral Jack went to in the beginning of the season and nobody else showed up for. Or the fact that Sun and Hurley went to Jin’s grave but they showed Jin. Was the from the past. I’m so confused. But that is what I like about this awesome show. 🙂

  66. it makes me laugh to read back on some of the comments up there. How one person was like ‘oh i have contacts and 3 people on the island got ran over by the same car in the real world michael,locke and kate and the driver was mr candel’. It makes me laugh to see people like that get found out in the end haha!

    Well, anyways… Does anyone have any theories (not lies, i want THEORIES) about Jacobs connection to Jacks dad and the Black Smoke/Monster?? Ta!

    1. I just want to know what is it!!! all along i’ve waited to know it, and at the end nobody gave an explanation about the black smoke. i thought that ben linus or jacob will give an answer to john lock…

  67. OK, verifying a few things and saying new stuff…
    a)We need more info on that hole that smoky pulled locke into.
    b)Right before eko died, his brother saying you speak to me as if i were your brother is easy to explain. Hes not his brother. He is smoky. obviously.
    c)Jacob and smoky definitely have a connection and since jacob is jacks dad, christain, smoky has to do with christain.(Jack too maybe)
    d)4 8 15 16 23 42 still has to do with stuff since hurley finds it on the car hes been working on since he was a little kid with an afro.
    e)When Ben summoned smoky at the village, he just brought it there, not told it what to do because he says to the losties that they should stay away and he runs too after going to the now dead Alex.
    f)There is still more of smoky in season 5/6 because we still have questions.
    g)What happens to smoky when ben moves the island.

    In case you didn’t figure it out already, smoky means the smoke monster.

    I almost cried when charlie died. CCCCCHHHHHAAAAARRRRRLLLLLIIIIIEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

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